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Author TOPIC: Thanks to 7th&8th parents and Coaches wives
Coach Tomc

November 9, 2009
1:31:21 PM

Entry #: 3333279
Even the harshest critic would have to agree that the 2009 Raider season was very special. Undefeated seasons with a comeback superbowl champioship topped off by a city championship just does not come around as often as we would prefer. But with this group of kids we were able to make it happen. We chose the saying for our tshirts "we dont build character, we reveal it" for a reason, this year we knew we had a special group of young men but at the same time we knew we had a group that is not your rah rah screaming and yelling type, I mean lets face it the next time you see 30 degrees Kelvin, Tommie Sciara little Sciara lot, Jimmie just Jimmie, The Butcher the Baker the candlestick maker, Nick the De isnt just for one or two but Deforourus, Jason Mcgowan, Carson Read the tight ends shoulder, How I love ya how I love ya Swanny, Brock Obama , Marsha Brady, Bennie Palm Sunday, Johnny Balsamic Vinegar, Johnny Martino and Rossi, Luke Bigimus Maximus Smalls, Kaluna and cream, Travon sells cartoon baloons for money, and Dalvin and the chipmunks sing Karioki, will be the first.
We coaches are doing what we enjoy but you parents add to your weekly workload by getting your children to and from practice every day and allowing us coaches to teach them football and a few other lessons along the way, and for that I say thank you, without you, memories like the ones we just were a part of would not have been possible. You parents had already instilled in your sons just what we coaches were looking for.

As for the Coaches wives, a sincere thank you goes out because I see what my wife has to do to accomadate me coaching, getting dinner ready at inopportune times,or making sure your boy has water for practice, or making sure his uniform is clean, the list is endless and thankless. Thank you Coaches wives because without you the 2009 Raider experience could not have happened.

For all you Eighth graders I look forward to reading all about your high school exploits in Saturdays paper and you coming around now and again to check out the latest crop of Raiders that dare themselves to work as hard as you did.

For you seventh graders and sixth graders coming up Football is less than 10 months away, it has never been too early to start getting ready for the Raider brand of Football.

Thanks again,
Coach Tomc

anthony simone

November 9, 2009
1:55:08 PM

Entry #: 3333312
Well said coach Tomc, your enthusiam is one of the reasons we are so successful and will remain that wayfor years to come.


November 9, 2009
3:38:16 PM

Entry #: 3333486
Thank u coach what great coaching staffs we have, and while i am at it great message board this year, I check it out all the time. Positive communication like this can only help. So keep it Necco Raider nation. Especially if you know kids in other sports that would look good in Silver and Black, let someone know.

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