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Author TOPIC: We've got an Angel on our shoulder...

August 23, 2010
8:38:45 AM

Entry #: 3557523
As a new Raider, my son feels the "special-ness" of wearing and carrying 73 on his shoulder and in his heart. The boys on the 5th/6th grade team have pulled him into the fold and treated him so well. Thank you to our coaches who are daily instilling life long values - enormous pride, work ethic, tenacity, enthusiasm, sportsmanship, togetherness - actually the list goes on and on from what we have seen in just the few short weeks we have been a part of the Raider family. The coaches are CONSTANTLY teaching, shaping, and molding these kids, not only into fine players, but also fine young men. They lead and inspire by EXAMPLE. This weekend's Simone Tournament reminded us again of how blessed we are to have Anthony Simone (who truly loves the kids on ALL teams - we know for a fact because we were one), as a mentor and role model for players and parents alike. He is a class act. This is a class organization. Thank you for welcoming us with open arms.

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