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Author TOPIC: Raider Pride
Coach Dusenbery

October 25, 2010
4:08:45 PM

Entry #: 3600808
Once again it has been an enjoyable season to be a Raider. All 3 tackle teams and our Black flag team are heading into the playoffs undefeated and our White flag team with only 2 losses. Good luck to all of our teams in the playoffs, and lets have a good showing of fans for all of our teams. Also our non comp. flag teams had a great year this year as well. The future looks as bright as the present. Go Necco!!! Might As Well!!!

October 25, 2010
4:22:42 PM

Entry #: 3600820
Have the playoff schedules been sent out yet from the league for all teams?

October 25, 2010
5:29:50 PM

Entry #: 3600890
I have posted the playoff schedule on the league website and I will be putting it on our site soon.

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