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Author TOPIC: The one we've been looking for

November 10, 2010
1:05:58 AM

Entry #: 3613024
It all comes down to this Saturday!!! The hard work that you boys have put in this year is admirable and you should be proud of yourself, especially if you pushed yourself on a regular basis.
But there is one more job to do yet, and this last job is a biggie.
Its hard to remember who finished second last year.
We have charged our batteries, by running the hill, running sprints and hitting that old sled more than any other team left in the tournament.
This is and always will be just one edge that we enjoy on Saturday.
Another is your Coaches. Listen to them, there is a reason why they have won Championships in the past.
Lastly, good luck and go hard. Good things happen when our players hit hard.


November 10, 2010
1:26:27 AM

Entry #: 3613027
Well said coach, lets do it this Saturday and make history, Raiders.

Raider Parent

November 12, 2010
7:41:25 PM

Entry #: 3615229
Amen Coach. Whatever Coach wrote this, and I think I know who it is. But he is right boys, we have worked hard and we do deserve this, we have all earned the right to be called Champions. So all that is left to do, is go out and do what we have been trained to do, and that is to give it your all, leave everything on the field. To do anything less would be out of character. Go hard boys, every play every down. When things dont go our way shake it off and get it back. Stay focused and willing to do what your competitor is not willing or incapable of doing. Go get em. Tommorrow will be our day.

Raider Man

November 12, 2010
7:50:01 PM

Entry #: 3615235
Wooo! I cant wait for tommorrow. I am pretty new to the Raiders, but I am starting to understand what winning the Super Bowl is all about. I am nervous for all 4 teams but I really think we can win them all, and I have been told that doing so would be historical. Good luck to all 4 teams tommorrow, and I can hardly wait.

7th and 8th parent

November 12, 2010
7:52:50 PM

Entry #: 3615238
Go get em Raiders, I know you all worked hard this year. Its time to bring home the hardware.

Raider Mom

November 12, 2010
7:55:55 PM

Entry #: 3615240
I am also nervous and cautiously optomistic for tommorrow. You boys all get a good nights rest because I dont know if I can sleep tonight.


November 12, 2010
8:02:03 PM

Entry #: 3615243
I cant wait either. I think its going to be cold tommorrow buts thats fine with me, the hard Raider hits will sing a little longer. MIGHT AS WELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!


November 12, 2010
8:05:50 PM

Entry #: 3615246
My son is in his bed right now looking at a video of tommorrows opponent. It looks like he will be ready for tommorrow. Lets get it done Raiders!!!

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