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Author TOPIC: Thank you 3rd and 4th grade coaches!!!!!!!
Tru's Dad

August 11, 2011
1:53:04 PM

Entry #: 3779698
To the 3rd and 4th grade coaching staff!!!!,I want to say thank you for everything so far.I know we are no where into the season but you coaches are pushing our boys!!!!!.I enjoy the the drive and effort,and the love of football that I see in you all when you all are coaching.I ask that you all keep pushing the boys,me being and old school,old fashion man you coaches are molding and making these boys tough.With so much softness in the world today,I feel good sitting and watching you all with my son.It is confirmation of what he gets at home.You Raider coaches are great watching you all coach takes me back to a time where coaches got all they could from their boys!!!!!!! I stressed to my son it is good for young men to have coaches,good coaches are only just second Dads! Thanks for your hard work dedication Lets go Raiders !!!

Clayton Gray

August 11, 2011
11:08:38 PM

Entry #: 3780029
Thank you for the feedback. We are fortunate to be able to coach them. 3rd and 4th grade is a very important age, they are the future of our program. We hope we get them started playing tackle football the right way. These kids are very special and I believe you’re going to see great growth from them this year. I'm looking forward to seeing how we progress from the start to the finish. Thank you again for the positive feedback.

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