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Author TOPIC: Saturdays games
Coach Dusenbery

August 29, 2011
2:03:17 PM

Entry #: 3790492
Great job to all Necco Raiders on Saturday. Everyone played hard and opened the season up with a victory. Thanks to all the fans that showed up on Saturday, we had a great turn out and a lot of you were out there all day. Remember we have 6 teams but we are all one BIG family. It was a great day to be a RAIDER!!!

Raider Alum

August 30, 2011
6:24:55 PM

Entry #: 3791383
How Awesome was it too see ALOT of Former Coaches and A TON of Raider Alum at the game it was great too see.Keep it up u boy's ALL GRADE LEVEL'S played SUPERB and Dominated the whole day...... SEE YOU SOON GO RAIDERS!!!!!!

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