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Author TOPIC: 7th and 8th Raiders
Old Raider

November 11, 2011
12:45:21 PM

Entry #: 3835907
Boys the hay is in the barn. You have prepared for the one game you really have wanted to play, the best you can. Now it is all up to you. Do your job and know that the ball will not bounce your way every time. Overcome adversity quickly and talk up big plays. In big games like the one tonight momentum starts and stops quickly. Go hard and do not be the weak link in the chain any play. On Defence wrap up and get them to the ground, on offense get to your man linemen and keep your but between your man and the running back. You have great backs let them do their job by working your tail end off.

We all will be watching tonight so you all can prove how hard you have worked this year.

November 11, 2011
4:56:26 PM

Entry #: 3836023
you have 1 great back

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