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Author TOPIC: Swan Song - The Prince's Final Post
Prius Prince

November 11, 2011
2:57:33 PM

Entry #: 3835970
It is with a heavy heart I give my final Hoorah to the Raider organization this year. I can't wait for tonight's games, and probably won't sleep a wink tonight thinking about tomorrow night. Good Luck to all ages. Win or lose, give it all you got, be proud, make some great memories. Not to be outdone by Nordie and the Donald, check out the specimen in the front row, far right. 140% club T-shirt, no big deal. White 32 x 30 fun jeans? I know, right? It kinda looks like he's flexing for the picture, but he's not.

Raider Floyd

November 11, 2011
3:10:00 PM

Entry #: 3835980
Prince, it must have been extremely hard to make the 140% club on the tennis team. Buy the way, great looking bunch of guys, I especially like the plumb smugglers some of your team members are sporting. Go Tennis

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