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Author TOPIC: Job Well Done
Darth Raider

August 19, 2012
1:01:13 PM

Entry #: 3964479
Congratulations to all the Raider tackle teams for sweeping the Simone Tournament. Let's use this as a starting point for a successful season and a sweep of this year's championship games. Keep working hard & listening to your coaches. You will have a season you can look back on with great pride.

Well Done well don is right

August 20, 2012
4:32:51 PM

Entry #: 3965085
After watching the 7th & 8th grade against the Sharks, I really believe we are the team to beat not the Sharks. I talked with a couple dads and they were pretty upbeat about their chances against us after they had dominated their scrimmages.

Keep working hard and might as well sweep this year.

August 22, 2012
2:53:04 PM

Entry #: 3965995
Has anyone ever swept all four divisions?? If not, I think this year will be the year!!

August 22, 2012
9:40:09 PM

Entry #: 3966168
Nope not yet :) but will happen soon.

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