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Author TOPIC: Good luck this weekend!!!
westons mom

August 20, 2012
11:51:24 PM

Entry #: 3965235
After watching all three of our teams dominate the Simone tournament I know everyone is anxious to get the season started. After tonight at practice the great acknowledgement to diesel was amazing and coach gray said everything perfectly. It's been an emotional time for the Henning family and for the "raider family" as well as tim was a great man and we all spent many hours with him over the last few years. I am a little disheartened.By a lot of negativity this season over schedules...playing time....special treatment I have been around this organization since I was in diapers and I know these coaches take so much time and enegy away from their family life and work life to dedicate
their time to building our sons into great young athletes and do it because they love coaching and have a passion for the sport and do so without being paid. Let's be appreciative for all they do from Mr. Simone, Tom S., Scott dusenbery, Anthony Simone, Clayton gray and all of their assistant coaches for the hard work and effort and time they put into this organization to make it what it is today :)

Metha Cox

August 21, 2012
10:35:54 AM

Entry #: 3965391
Is there a like button on here any where!lol

Raider Fan

August 22, 2012
9:39:23 AM

Entry #: 3965849
Best of luck to all our teams, both on Saturday & the weeknight games. Let's hope they are all successful and nobody gets hurt. The boys have worked very hard these past few weeks. Time for the fun to begin!!!

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