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Author TOPIC: Raiders parents are a class act!
metha cox

October 21, 2012
9:43:18 PM

Entry #: 3997350
Thank you to the entire Raider organization As we all know we played.the.Blue Springs wildcats tonight on short notice amd i bet we had over 100 parents there and most were from the older and flag teams. You dontbknow what.that meant to not only the 3rd/4th players but there parents! You guys showed tonight the exact thing that makes the raiders so great. FAMILY! You guys cheered so loud they could here you on 152 and papa rhino i think was crying!lol Thank u raider nation for coming out on an off support these little guyz it means.more to all you will ever know! Thank you! Btw we did win 18 to 8!)

westons mom

October 21, 2012
10:57:08 PM

Entry #: 3997383
Couldn't have said it better myself metha great support from out raider family at all levels so proud to be apart of this amazing organization!!!!

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