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Author TOPIC: 5th&6th

November 11, 2012
9:58:07 AM

Entry #: 4009986
Who won?

November 11, 2012
9:59:34 AM

Entry #: 4009987
The Raiders got their Revenge!! Raiders 32-22!!

The Bull

November 12, 2012
10:59:27 AM

Entry #: 4010522
Congrats to the Hard Work our whole team demonstated! Also wish send congrats to Nathan Gray for MVP. And a HUGE thank you to Chopper for moving postions for the team this year. That truly demonstrates teamwork and is a Great lesson taught to the 5/6th Grade Raiders!


December 9, 2012
10:07:39 PM

Entry #: 4021426
the banquit was awesome i got a tropie!!

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