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Author TOPIC: Simone Tournament
Lindy Evans

August 19, 2013
10:03:40 PM

Entry #: 4084036
Thanks to the Simone family for another great tournament. Believe me it is a great honor and accomplishment to win the 5/6 division as the Chargers did last Saturday. You would not believe the number of parents and fans that wanted to know how many times we had won the "Big One". Good luck to all !!!

Coach Simone

August 22, 2013
12:32:14 PM

Entry #: 4084828
Thank you for your continued support of the tournament. A well deserved congratulations to all of the players, parents & coaches of the 5th&6th Charges. Best of luck to you this upcoming season. We are looking forward to another challenging game in a few weeks when we meet again at Waterwell.

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