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Author TOPIC: Fan Bass???

November 4, 2013
11:18:53 AM

Entry #: 4102541
Raiders FOOTBALL Fans,

It is very upsettimg to know that our cheerleaders don't receive a fraction of the support they give. As announced at the playoff games this weekend and posted on the message boards, our cheerleaders attended a cheer competition on Sunday at Park Hill South. It was nice to see how other programs support their cheerleaders. Just to compare, the Northland Chiefs had an entire section. The Platte Couty Pirates - an entire section. The Wolverines had majority of an entire section (plus they had football players arrive in their in uniforms after playing games earlier that day). Our 'fan bass' was made up of parents and family of the cheerleaders that totaled to less than 4-5 rows. Everyone in the league knows our football team is competively the best out there. It is a joke to know our girls don't receive the same support or dedication. Our program often preaches of how we are a family and we support each other, why not support your cheerleaders??? After all they are the #1 fans out there. They work their little tails off, they attend the games. These girls deserve the same opportunity and support the boys do and it should be shown!

Jenny Mosh

November 4, 2013
12:22:13 PM

Entry #: 4102557
Thank you for the post. All 3 Lady Raider squads did great at competition yesteday, and represented the Necco Raider organization with the sportsmanship and character that we all take to heart. Next year, I know the stands at competition will be filled with black and silver, and we will be bringing home even more trophies. Congratulations to all of our cheerleaders and coaches.

November 4, 2013
4:20:03 PM

Entry #: 4102626
I agree, the girls did wonderful and they did go out there are bring some trophies home. I hope next year the black and silver is out there the way you speak of. Looking over previous posts in regards to competitions, it doesn't look as if the girls have had a good fan base and this isn't the first time someone has posted in regards to it either. The replies promised more support as well...I guess from here they can only hope...

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