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Author TOPIC: 3/4th Grade Squad

November 10, 2014
10:46:43 AM

Entry #: 4152199
As my older son is and has been apart of one of the best classes (5th) to come through the organization I will tell you I have never been so proud in a loss as I was for my son Vito and his buddies on the 3/4th team. We gave a team the Longhorns who I compare to our 5th grade group more than they could handle. I saw immature little boys grow up Saturday to be football players and young men. Hats off to the Longhorns as they rightfully deserve but too me and my son Vito we won Saturday. In our hearts in our development and our future. Look forward to seeing this 4th grade class avenge this loss in a couple years. Another great year to be a Raider THAT IS ALL!

November 12, 2014
11:16:55 AM

Entry #: 4152485
Agreed. Nobody came with 21 points of them until we played them in the Championship and had a one score game. Although we didn't come away with a win, we learned some valuable lessons. Good luck to those playing this Saturday in the All-Star game

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