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Author TOPIC: Raider Wingman Program
Raider Parent

August 23, 2007
11:34:21 PM

Entry #: 2334819
I wanted to say my child who plays flag for the Raiders was very excited about the Wingman program tonight. He thought it was pretty cool to be with the tackle teams during practice and get to warm up with his wingman. Way to go Raiders for coming up with such a wonderful idea.

August 28, 2007
11:14:23 AM

Entry #: 2342339
My son asked me to get a jersey last night that had the same number as his Wingman. Looks like the program is working pretty well.

Raider parent

August 29, 2007
10:03:11 PM

Entry #: 2345655
I think the wingman program is a great idea; but i would like to see the wingman enblem on the T-shirts.(I like the enblem alot)

August 30, 2007
3:15:01 PM

Entry #: 2347057
If you like the logo your going to like the T-shirts.

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