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Author TOPIC: Anthony Simone checks into MD Anderson Cancer Ctr.

October 3, 2007
9:13:51 AM

Entry #: 2399888
Mr. Anthony Simone checked into the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas this past weekend. As we all know, Mr. Simone is the heart of the Necco Raiders, and because of his leadership, commitment, and dedication, our organization is one of the strongest in the NSYFL. Anthony will not return home for another eight weeks, which means he will miss the remainder of the football season. As Mr. Simone faces this challenge, we encourage all current and former Raiders to let him know just how much we support him, as well as how much we value being a part of his Necco Raider Family.

There is no doubt that Mr. Simone and his family will battle cancer with courage and faith until they are victorious. There is also no doubt that every Necco Raider will honor Mr. Simone when they take the field by playing with class, putting forth maximum effort, and enjoying every opportunity they have to play the wonderful game of football with friends.

You can reach out to Mr. Simone by posting a message to him or relating a special memory about Necco Raider football on our Raider website under the Message Board heading. In addition, you can send a personal message via the MD Anderson website by clicking on the link below.

October 3, 2007
10:20:23 AM

Entry #: 2399997
Good luck Mr. Simone. We will be thinking about you, and praying for you. We will be looking forward to seeing you when you get back.

October 3, 2007
4:57:03 PM

Entry #: 2400755
Get well Mr Simone, we will be playing hard for you.


October 3, 2007
8:32:31 PM

Entry #: 2401046
get well soon Uncle Anthony. I MISS YOU.


October 4, 2007
5:53:52 AM

Entry #: 2401345
Stay strong Anthony my family and I will be praying for you,and our the raiders will keep you in their hearts and minds.

Clayton Gray and Family

October 5, 2007
9:38:33 AM

Entry #: 2403549
Get well Mr Simone. The Raider teams will be working hard to finish this season so we can provide you with some hardware to add the Raiders collection. That awards banquet sure would be fun to welcome you back with 4 Super Bowl trophies. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Reid Family

October 8, 2007
9:37:06 PM

Entry #: 2408703
The Lord and the raider family are on your side. Keep fighting. Are prayers are with you.

Anthony Simone

October 9, 2007
10:40:24 PM

Entry #: 2410751
Thanks to all for your thoughts and prayers, the t reatments are going well, not much side effects feeling pretty good. Football Raiders keep playing with courage and class, you'll be winners. Thanks again to everyone

Uncle Ant

October 9, 2007
10:46:26 PM

Entry #: 2410758
John Plankton I miss you too. I saw in the newspaper here in Houston that you almost hit a homerun out of the park.

anthony christofano

October 10, 2007
8:11:45 PM

Entry #: 2412483
get well soon mr simone see you when you get back


October 10, 2007
10:25:17 PM

Entry #: 2412677
Our thoughts are with you. Take care of yourself and get well soon!

Chopper Mordecai

October 11, 2007
8:12:52 PM

Entry #: 2414151
I miss you very much Mr. Simone. Please get better fast.

Dusenbery Family

October 11, 2007
9:24:24 PM

Entry #: 2414236
It is great to hear that you are doing good, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. We will be playing hard for you the rest of the season. Mom & Dad said HI and they hope to see you soon. GO RAIDERS!!!

The Palmer Family

October 12, 2007
5:45:23 PM

Entry #: 2415774
You are in our thoughts and prayers and we miss seeing you at the football field. Continue the fight with courage and we will see you back in KC. We will represent you well in the Black and Silver.

Annie Raybourn

October 13, 2007
11:25:04 AM

Entry #: 2416432
Dear Uncle Ant,
I hope you get well soon.You are in my prayers.
I miss you and love you very much.


Dominic Raybourn

October 13, 2007
11:29:30 AM

Entry #: 2416436
Uncle Ant,
Hope you are feeling better. Miss you very much. I'll take one to the "house" for you in our game tomorrow against the Bucs. Love you lots, Lil D

Felicia Raybourn

October 13, 2007
11:31:55 AM

Entry #: 2416440
Uncle Ant, I hope you feel better real soon. Can't wait until you come home so we can see you. Love you bunches, Felicia

Johnny Joe Raybourn

October 13, 2007
11:36:55 AM

Entry #: 2416444
Uncle Ant, I hope you feel better. I miss you & can't wait until you come home. We'll play hard & win tomorrow for you. Love you, John

Uncle Ant

October 13, 2007
1:21:02 PM

Entry #: 2416534
To the Raybourn's, thanks for your emails I feel better already, doing real good here but the donuts are terrible so I won't send any to you. Dom and John I hope you both take one to the house for me today. Love Uncle Ant sebpe

John & Dominic

October 14, 2007
12:35:42 PM

Entry #: 2417595
We won today 18-12 & this ones for you. John had 2 td's & D had 1 td. They took em to the house for you! We will gladly wait for the donuts until you come home! Take care, we MISS you!
Love, The Boys

Uncle Ant

October 14, 2007
11:54:57 PM

Entry #: 2418521
Way to go John and Dom, I knew you would take it to the "house", keep up the good work and be sure to keep your room clean so you can keep playing.

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