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Author TOPIC: 5th/6th

December 1, 2007
3:33:47 PM

Entry #: 2498312
First off,I would like to thank the Simone family for their continued support,next I would like to thank Tom for all he does to make the saturdays go smoothly.Thanks also to all the volunteers who help and make the Raiders the best organization in the whole NSYFL we are very proud to be a part of the team.Thanks also to our hard working coaches who take alot of time and energy on the field and off to make our boys great young men.Thanks Joe,Carl,Brad,Tim,Kelly,and Henry you guys did an awesome job this year.To the players gresat job all season from the hot days of august to the cool november evenings you withstood all the pressure and finshed strong to be the best team in the league.Thanks again we hope to see you all next year and do it all over again.Always remeber why... #73

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