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Author TOPIC: Coaching Staff 3/4 and 5/6
Raider Parent

December 4, 2007
11:49:04 AM

Entry #: 2501934
One of the great lessons a boy has to learn growing up is answering the question " Do I have what it takes?" I think that we as parents help these young boys in many ways to seek and find out that they do have what it takes to became a young man of integrity. I want to thank you for supporting my boys in their journey and for challenging them to strive to do their best not just for themselves, but for others!

Coach Joe

December 5, 2007
8:14:04 AM

Entry #: 2503145
Thank you for this note. Very well put. Probably the best description of what it is that we really are doing. I will only suggest that it is certainly a team effort between the coaches and parents.

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