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Author TOPIC: Brock Dorothy
Andy Dorothy

August 24, 2008
9:23:53 AM

Entry #: 2880666
Congratulations to all the Raider tackle teams for their fine performance in the Simone Tournament. My family would like to thank all the players and parents for their concern and support after Brock was injured yesterday. It just goes to show that we are one big family. Thanks Again.

Coach Joe

August 25, 2008
11:35:51 AM

Entry #: 2881761
Get well Brock. You'll be back...stonger than ever.

Andy, I hope you will still serve as an announcer this year!!!


August 25, 2008
9:43:02 PM

Entry #: 2882817
Get better soon...and quick!

I agree with Coach Joe, I hope your dad announces too!

Coach Dusenbery

August 26, 2008
3:44:53 PM

Entry #: 2883962
We are going to miss you on the field, but I know you will still be there helping out any way you can. I guess now we can call you coach!! Hang in there and get well!!!!!

john frank

August 29, 2008
11:14:57 PM

Entry #: 2888505
Brock hope you get better see you tuesday

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