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Author TOPIC: 5/6 Grade B Victory
Proud Fan

September 17, 2008
10:34:17 AM

Entry #: 2910515
Congradulations to the 5/6 grade B team on their Victory over the Longhorns. That was one of the most entertaining games we have seen in a long time. It's nice to have some good competition and still come out on top. It was especially fun to watch the coaching staff get excited and fired up. Way to go Raiders. I'll be interested to see if the Longhorn players roster might be the same in the A game.

Proud Mama

September 17, 2008
1:46:08 PM

Entry #: 2910806
Totally agree - it was quite a game (and the Longhorns are no slackers). To see a "B" team compete with the same intensity and spirit as their "A" teammates is incredible. And thanks to the coaches who take the same level of interest and pride in those games as well - as a parent of a "B" player, it means the world. Congrats!

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