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Author TOPIC: Raiders 3rd/4th B Team
Proud Raider Dad

October 2, 2008
10:19:01 PM

Entry #: 2931806
Their record should be 4-0 in the standings. Game score vs Chiefs is incorrect we WON 30-0, not lost. Still undefeated and unscored on!

That is correct

October 3, 2008
10:51:40 AM

Entry #: 2932431
3rd and 4th "B" is undefeated and have yet to give up a score. This team is going to be very good next year. The rest of the league better watch out.

October 3, 2008
2:31:05 PM

Entry #: 2932768
I fixed it. Sorry for the mistake.

October 3, 2008
3:23:08 PM

Entry #: 2932856
In case you haven't noticed they are the only "B" team in the league that doesn't have a coach on the fiel with them holding their hand. These boys have came in this year and listened and are begining to really understand how to play the game. We are very proud of how they are doing!!


October 3, 2008
3:48:03 PM

Entry #: 2932884
as if you havent noticed the RAIDERS are the only teams in the league without the coaches on the field all grade levels thanks to the COACHES for beleiving in the players and thanks to the organizantion for BELEIVING IN THE COACHES THANKS COACH ALL OF U

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