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Author TOPIC: host of playoffs
Steve Cameron

November 9, 2008
2:50:40 PM

Entry #: 2980943
I would like to thank the Raiders for hosting our 1st round playoffs. I wish our 3rd/4th grade Chiefs team could have pulled out a win, but was a fun game to coach and watch out of the 3 games played. Good luck to our 7th/8th grade Chiefs next week against the Chargers. To the 5th/6th grade Chiefs, even the score does not show it, but I did see a team that played hard. Good luck to all the Raider's teams and again thank you for being a fun host on a cold and nasty day.
Coach Steve Cameron (3rd/4th grade Chiefs)

Coach Dusenbery

November 10, 2008
2:45:42 PM

Entry #: 2982647
Thank you Steve for the kind words. You guys did a great job with the 3rd-4th grade team this year and they played a great game on Saturday. It was a fun game to watch and announce. I want to thank you and Buck for helping out on Saturday morning, and also Buck for being a spotter for the 7th-8th grade game. Goodluck to your 7th-8th grade team on Saturday.

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