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Author TOPIC: Might As Well!!!
Coach Dusenbery

October 30, 2009
4:52:55 PM

Entry #: 3322695
This is the time of year we have all been preparing for, do not take anything for granted, and play every play like it is your last!!! It does not matter tomorrow if we have already beaten the teams we are playing, this is WIN or go home!!! Do not think that the Chargers are going to bow down to you 3-4th grade Raiders, they want revenge. Just because you won big against the Chiefs the first time 5-6th doesn't mean it is going to be easy this time so play hard every play. I guarantee you 7-8th Grade Raiders that the Chiefs are going to do everything possible to beat you tomorrow so be prepared for a hard hitting game, come out and hit them before they hit you!!! Have fun tomorrow and play hard, leave it all on the field and have no regrets!!! GOOD LUCK RAIDERS!!! MIGHT AS WELL!!!

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