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Author TOPIC: Superbowl T-Shirts!!

November 5, 2009
9:29:56 PM

Entry #: 3329740
Look for your chance to get a 2009 Superbowl T-shirt out at the game on Sat! Cushmo will also have DVD's of round 2 for the Raider Parents. Weeks 7.5 and 8 are mastered and ready to hand out. Look for a table set up by the concessions. You can get your DVD's, Raiders Team Posters, Superbowl Video Order forms, Round 2 Playoffs. ( Anthony Simone comes out as a piratePriceless).
See you out there!! We will be capturing a field view this year of all the Superbowl Games. email me at if you have any questions. or call me at 816-806-6964

ESI Photography

November 5, 2009
11:52:34 PM

Entry #: 3329812
Just completed the order and the T-shirts and hooded sweatshirts look great. We will only have a limited number so make sure you stop by early on Super Bowl saturday.

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