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Author TOPIC: What can 1 Raider do
An interested Raider fan

November 6, 2009
2:10:40 PM

Entry #: 3330370
On Saturday at about 5pm what can 1 Raider do about the outcome of all 3 superbowls,,, not a dang thing. But between now and then,,, everything. All 1 Raider can do is his job, but what a big job that is. Every play has a chance to be a big play in superbowls, and a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. So take every play Saturday as if success depends upon you and there will be no weak links. We know how hard you all have worked this year so during your game work so that you get tired, and if you are tired there is a good chance your oppopent will be exhausted, then it will come down to heart and us fans will see what 1 Raider can do.

I cant tell you who the best teams in our three age groups in baseball or basketball were last year, but I and nearly everyone else can tell you who was the best in Football. So can we make Saturday a day in which every fan in the stands can say without reservation that the Raiders deserved to be called the best, we just witnessed what 1 Raider can do, I think we can and should.

Campionship Saturdays like this Saturday do not come along very often, in fact the older you Football players get the less often they seem to arrive.

So at the end of your game on Saturday, get your breath back first, then smile with pride at your parents and coaches, and know by their looks on their faces that they just saw what 1 Raider could do.

5th and 6th Raider parent

November 6, 2009
2:16:27 PM

Entry #: 3330378
lets see what 1 Raider can do and the team will win as 1

3rd & 4th Raider Dad

November 6, 2009
2:20:11 PM

Entry #: 3330382
1 year 1 team 1 champiochip go raiders go

7th and 8th Raider

November 6, 2009
3:06:21 PM

Entry #: 3330438
By this time tomorrow it will be on, let 1 Raider make 1 difference 1 play at a time

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