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Author TOPIC: i want to play
7th and 8th grade silver teamer

November 6, 2009
4:18:11 PM

Entry #: 3330530
All of us have to come out and play 100% every play, every down. The trophy is in our grasps lets not let it slip through our fingertips. For all you 8th graders this is your last chance or only chance to hold that trophy at the end of the day. And I think I speak for me and all the silver teamers when I say we want in. So as coach Tomc says lets role up that newspaper and whip that pup. You guys want to chew bubble gum anyways right?

black teamer

November 6, 2009
7:00:11 PM

Entry #: 3330647
I hear that lets try as hard as we can to get the silver team in they have been there for us every day. Role Raiders role.


November 6, 2009
7:03:10 PM

Entry #: 3330649
I would like nothing better than to be chewing bubble gum tomorrow in the 4th

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