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Author TOPIC: City Championship game
Coach Tomc

November 16, 2009
1:16:48 AM

Entry #: 3339893
I d v red the Seminole game and have had a chance to view it a few times and man oh man was I impressed with our play.
Dalvin your coverage in three was outstanding, perfect positioning getting your man on your hip, and in case you dont remember you had a 99 yard pick six. Pretty good on the offensive side as well, I will truely miss you next year, you are a great football player but you are an even better person and that is what will stick in my mind.
Kelvin you had a great game, you finished your Raider career just like you played every other game, with consistency and quiet tenacity. Some boys are great athletes and some are great football players but you are both.
Tommy, sadly you did not get to show Metro Sports and all of KC just how good you are. I have only coached a few kids with your combination of size and speed and if you want to you will be outstanding in High school.
Nick, you played great and showed a lot of heart. Your pass blocking skills have gone from passing, to text book. Coach Tomc got on you a lot this year and demanded more and you delivered, you are a great kid.
Bake, if we would have had you two years ago we would of stood a better chance in the Super Bowl, oh well I am just glad I got the chance to coach you for 1 year. When I watch our games on tape I find myself watching you and marveling at your drive and want to. Remember in high school stay squared and dont give up a hip, you lose a third of your power when you give up your hip.
Biggie, if we could find a way to bottle your determination we could stop buying foreign oil. I will not forget you and will use your example to inspire every team that I coach from this point forward. I hope you dont mind.
Carson you are not just a good football player you are also a smart football player. Playing D end is a lot tougher than most people think and you did everything that we asked you to do and more, thanks for playing hard and buying what we were selling.
Swanny, for a kid that showed up for tryouts 2 years ago in jean shorts you turned out pretty dang good. You put the Raider clamp on your side and pressured the QB better than I could of ever imagined. Lift a few weights and put a swell on, so in high school you can continue to dominate.
Bennie you are a fundamentaly sound football player. I asked you to play several different positions on D this year and all you had to do was ask a few questions about the job, and then boom, you were there doing a great job. I imagine your Dad had a little to do with you being such a good football player.
Jimmie I doubt we will have a character like you again. Your intensity fueled the defense at all the right times. I asked you to play nose most of the year but when Tommy got hurt you played MLB like you had been there all year. Great job Jimmie and thank your Dad for me for driving thousands of miles just so you could be a Raider.
Brady I have a few good free safties thru the years, Baker comes to mind, but your field presense is as good as I have seen. Your timing on the go routes was exemplary. In the last two games that we played you came up and supported the run very well, prime time playa boyee prime time playa.
Johnie M, I enjoyed coaching you over the last 2 years, when you go hard there are not a lot of kids that can stop you. Keep working hard and show your high school coaches just how good you are.
Balsamo, great year, great athlete, great kid. You cover well and support the run equally as well. Its been fun watching you mature into a very good football player and have a lot of fun along the way. Make sure you tell screwy Lewey he missed one hack of a ride.
Jason Mcgowan, you played the best game of your year against the Seminoles, if you have seen the game on Metro Sports you would have to agree. Next year will be intense and I will rely upon you heavily in shoring up all of our defensive efforts. I look forward to helping you get ready for high school football next year, so when you make an outstanding play in high school and someone in the stands asks, who was that kid that just made that play, someone else in the stands will say "oh him he is a Raider".
Travon, the sky is the limit my freind were you are concerened. When Travon is right no one can stand in his way. Next year we are gonna set this thing on fire. You will develope into one of the best that we have had, but to do that you know the kind of work that calls for. So if you want this thing to happen bring your lunch pale next year.
Kaluna, way to step it up, especially when Dalvin was hurt. You hit that hole like it could make a difference. I cant wait until next year to see how you approach each opportunity.
Brock, you didn't play defense for me, something about not wanting the QB to get hurt or something like that. But you did chew bubble gum with us during the fourth quarter and you played an intregal part in all of our success. Way to lead, in and outside of the side lines. When I saw the expression on you and your Dads faces after the Super bowl and the exchange you to had, I swelled with pride knowing it meant that much to you. You and your parents, especially Team Mom Jamie are the best example of why we enjoy success most years.
Cipolla, Saladino and Piscotta(i hope i spelled those right) thanks for playing and working hard, you three are great athletes, so take what you learned this year and achieve all that you deserve. By the way Piscotta I meant every word I said to you.
Sorry for carrying on so long, its just that this year was very special. I got to coach my son Kyle for the first time and we had a group of Raiders that I will never forget. Come see us eigth graders and you seventh graders why are you reading this when you could be doing push ups.

Raider Dad

November 16, 2009
1:24:23 AM

Entry #: 3339896
Thank you Coach Tomc it was one heck of a ride

Coach Dusenbery

November 16, 2009
9:15:01 AM

Entry #: 3340120
Great words coach, it was a hell of a ride. We hope all of you 7th graders are ready to defend the Superbowl next year and all you 6th graders are ready to step up to the next level. We are not going to rebuild next year, we are just going to RELOAD!!!

Andy Dorothy

November 16, 2009
10:09:03 AM

Entry #: 3340238
Thanks to Coach Tomc for the kind words. I want to thank the Simone family for their continued support without them none of this would be possible. Thanks to Tom Scortino for all his tireless efforts. He has always been one of Brock's biggest supporters and for that I am forever grateful. Thanks to all the coaches for not only teaching the kids to be good football players, but also life lessons that will be put to good use in the future. When they were down at halftime in the Superbowl I knew their football skills and determination that were taught in this organization would led them to victory against "that" inspired football team. Each August every kid who signs up to play in this league aspires to play in the Superbowl. Brock was able to be part of SIX Superbowls and play quarterback in three of those victories. Not because he is a top phenomenal althete, but because of all those great players you mentioned in your post Coach Tomc. It was one hell of ride and a ride that Brock will never forget. Thanks to everyone and start rolling up that paper for next year.

Eddie, John Baker

November 16, 2009
10:46:22 AM

Entry #: 3340303
Thanks coach for all the kind words and the great year. I played football for 15 years counting college and this year was the most memorable of them all. The Raider family is something you have to experence to get. Thank you Tom for all your hard work all year long, and Mr. Simone for your support. I was glad the boys were able to show the entire city what you have made this organization into. My family will miss the experence of being a Raider on the field, but we will always be Raiders in our hearts. Remember 73 always, if you aren't a Raider you wish you were! The bar is set high, but then again it always is, Roll Raiders!! Might as Well!!!!

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