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Author TOPIC: Be on the lookout!
Coach Tomc

July 11, 2010
5:27:13 PM

Entry #: 3523966
I look forward to seeing you returning players as well as you players moving up in August for tryouts. I hope all of you have already begun getting into Football shape, we would rather be teaching technique instead of watching you run atw's.
We feel somewhat comfortable with our skill position numbers however just like a lot of other years we are lean in the areas of O-line and D-line.
What I am asking for is for those of you who know may know someone that played on your baseball team or basketball team or even a friend in the neighborhood that has size to look into trying out for the Raiders. We need more linemen, we always do.
Thanks for your help in this regard. If a potential Raider has any questions they can call Coach Dusenberry or myself at 816-916-7671.

Coach Tomc

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