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Author TOPIC: lots of words
raider hater

July 31, 2010
1:22:05 AM

Entry #: 3540038
I happened across the raider latest rantings, as I was chscking emails before I went to bed. Dont you raiders realize that you know longer have Dalven Wormock anymore

Darth Raider

August 1, 2010
12:41:51 PM

Entry #: 3540610
The Raiders have NEVER been about just one player, no matter how good they are. We prepare as a team, we play as a team, and we WIN as a team.

Raider #82

August 1, 2010
3:32:05 PM

Entry #: 3540712
1 Raider Hater where did you learn to spell? 2 A team doesn't revolve around one player it relvolves around a whole team

Dalvin Warmack

August 1, 2010
10:52:18 PM

Entry #: 3540997
I know for a fact that we weren't just a one player team, I couldn't have gone no where without my guys up front, and even my wideouts made alot of key blocks for me.
I don't take credit for any of my runs, I give all the credit to my blockers.

Nothing Ever Changes...

August 2, 2010
9:29:08 AM

Entry #: 3541164
You haters just keep on hating and we Raiders just keep on winning.

Former Raider

August 7, 2010
5:03:44 PM

Entry #: 3545442
What "Raider Hater" fails to know is that last years group of 8th graders won the Super Bowl as 4th graders and as 6th graders. Dalvin Warmack did not begin his Raider career until his 7th Grade year. Dalvin is a special player, but you forget about the special defense last year that shut teams down. "Raider Hater" should shut his "pie hole" as he/she knows nothing about football


September 4, 2010
5:01:05 PM

Entry #: 3566254
afraid to talk "raider hater"

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