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Author TOPIC: Wow! what a game.

August 29, 2010
12:54:25 AM

Entry #: 3561453
Wow! what a game. Congrats to the 5th & 6th grade Raiders. This game was a up and down come from behind victory that showcased player effort and cool Coaching. It was the kind of game makes every fan/parents question every call and player substitution the coaching staff makes(away from the Coaches earshot of course). A kind of game that leaves you the edge of your lawn chairs, or won't let you be still where you're standing. Now we can analyse this game on many levels, tackling, blocking, passing, but the truth of the matter is, this was a very good Sharks team. We beat a very good team. Number 2 in the Simone Tournament, perhaps the best sharks team in a long time. Way to keep your cool to the coaching staff. Way to cheer and support to the parents, and way to a great display of effort and show of will to all the players.

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