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Author TOPIC: Coach Lefty Foundation
Ranelle Leftridge Gregory

September 16, 2010
12:34:07 PM

Entry #: 3574176
Dear Coaches,

You have a new supporter! The Coach “Lefty” Leftridge Youth Football Foundation was formed to support youth football in the Northland.

Our father, Coach Lefty, was the offensive line coach for the Necco Raiders for over 20 years. He strongly believed in the value of organized sports for young people, both to the community in bringing people together and to the maturation of the individual kids he coached.

We have formed this foundation in his honor. Our goal is to raise funds for and donate to the North Surburban Youth Football League,
Please tell your players and their parents about us. Visit our website, for more information .

Ranelle Leftridge Gregory, Pres.
The Coach Lefty Foundation


September 17, 2010
10:12:47 AM

Entry #: 3574738
First of all, a big thank you goes out to the Leftridge Family for their support of the Raider Poker Tournament. It meant alot to see Coach Lefty's family in attendance. And the Necco Raiders will always support the Coach Lefty Foundation. Coach Lefty was one of the pillars that made the Necco Raiders such a success. Coach Lefty will always be remembered and never forgotten.

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