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Author TOPIC: Great Day to be a Raider

October 2, 2010
8:05:39 PM

Entry #: 3584991
Another Raider sweep today. What a GREAT DAY TO BE A RAIDER!!!!!!!

October 2, 2010
8:43:02 PM

Entry #: 3585005

Allan Nekuda

October 2, 2010
8:47:28 PM

Entry #: 3585006
You guys did have 1 Raider team get beat today.

Football Mom

October 4, 2010
8:52:17 AM

Entry #: 3585619
It was a terrific day! I was impressed with the number of Alumni from both teams that showed up to support their teams. It was great to see some of the 7/8 Raiders out at the first flag game supporting their "Wingmen".
Keep up with the hard work RAIDERS, it's obviously paying off. You guy's have a lot of football left. You will stay winners if you stay focused on the RAIDER motto!

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