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Author TOPIC: Play off Schedule

October 20, 2010
1:28:35 PM

Entry #: 3597241
Where can the play off schedule be located?

October 20, 2010
2:03:57 PM

Entry #: 3597276
It will be on the league site and our site once they make the schedule on Sunday after the regular season ends. The sites and schedules for the games are determined at the meeting. The only thing we know is the 1st round is next sat, the second round is Nov 6, and the Super Bowl is Nov 13. Playoffs are for comp-flag, and all tackle divisions. Non comp may have a tournament scheduled but no details have been given.

October 20, 2010
2:52:55 PM

Entry #: 3597322
Thanks for the info.

Raider Black/White Flag Fan

October 21, 2010
6:35:59 AM

Entry #: 3597658
Do we know for sure if there will be a noncompetitive tournament like last year? That was a blast so I hope they have one again this year. Second if they do have a tourny all 3 noncompetitive teams have qualified for it! So no Raider team even down to our little 5 year olds playing will be left out fo the post season!! 5 flag teams and 3 tackle all post season eligible now that is some Raider history!!!!!! (5 teams undefeated:))

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