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Coach Dusenbery

November 10, 2010
9:30:21 PM

Entry #: 3613700
Okay, here we are after all of our hard work this year we are down to one last practice and one last game. To all teams, make this your best practice of the year so that we are ready and prepared for the BIG game on Saturday!!! Having Raider teams in all the divisions is very exciting and very rewarding, I could not be more proud of our organization. We are not done yet, we have one more thing to take care of on Saturday to cap of a wonderful season. Do not take anything for granted, it does not matter if you have beat the team that you are playing, it is always harder to beat a team twice and all the teams that we are playing will be ready to go so buckle up and get ready for a hard fought game. Play every play like it is your last!!! MIGHT AS WELL!!! Thank you to all the parents this year, we had a lot of involvement and that is what it takes to be successful. Lets have a big and loud crowd on Saturday to show our Raider Pride!!! SUPERBOWL, SUPERBOWL, SUPERBOWL!!!

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