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Author TOPIC: Start Getting Ready, Boys!
Darth Raider

June 3, 2011
8:49:47 AM

Entry #: 3738801
Football season will be here before you know it. As always, the Raiders will have a big target on their backs as every other team in the league looks to knock them off. Train hard, get in good shape, and let's have another successful year!

Darth Raider

July 6, 2011
9:46:07 AM

Entry #: 3758160




Go Raiders!!!

Darth Raider

August 2, 2011
9:58:09 AM

Entry #: 3774307
The first step on the road back to the Super Bowl started last night for all the tackle teams. The boys are to be commended for their enthusiasm & positive attitude, and for enduring the brutal heat. From what I saw last night it looks like we have another group of champions waiting to make their mark in the NSYFL.

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