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Author TOPIC: It does'nt cost to cheer!!
Raider Parent

November 1, 2011
9:35:38 PM

Entry #: 3829161
Hey,I just want to say congradulations to all the Raider teams!.And great job to all to all the Coaches!,I just want to say it doesnt cost anything to cheer,Im pretty sure lots of us cheer for the Kansas City Chiefs,are even some of the high school teams in the area.I just ask that all parents please for this weekend to let it go for the boys!!!.We need to be loud and supportive from summer ,until now these boys have worked hard.There is no way we should'nt hear everyone,there should not be any silence on the sidelines,after all its football and our children go Raiders!!!!!!!

necco grandma

November 2, 2011
9:02:42 AM

Entry #: 3829319
Ditto !!! Kudos to all of the Coaches as they give their time (including personal) to coach and mold our young men. Our players have worked hard from the swelteing days of summer to now and I know they are proud to be Raiders so let's be the fans they deserve and be LOUD !!! LOUD AND PROUD RAIDER FANS !!!

Metha Cox

November 2, 2011
9:59:44 AM

Entry #: 3829356
I agree with either Warren or Anthony!lol Whom ever posted this is so right. I announce games and at times our scores get so lopsided I think a sense of apathy and expectation has set in with our parents. Those of us who are a little louder and root our teams and sons on constantly almost feel a little jaded and outcasted by those who choose to set and just watch the game like its the US Open Golf championship. Like you are a weirdo because you cheer loud at a game its a different experience I have had to get used to to be quite honest. Every football game in my life has been a festive loud cheerful enviroment but not so much on our side of the field. Last year Wolverines 7th and 8th parents were so fired up in the Superbowl they made there side of the field rumble while our parents set quite and I truly feel like it effected the outcome of the game. We are all from different walks of life and I know we all express our emotions different but we get shown up by every team I have ever seen us play by the other teams outward enthusiasm of their parents. As long as we all cheer in a positive way lets make some noise! Might as well! Lets not let those Wolveringes roll in with all the emotion. The 12th man was created and talked about for a reason because it works! Our Boys need to hear the fan support! Lets get loud but respectful for these playoffs and show our boys we might not be out there with them on the field but we are with them! Go Raiders!

heather wright

November 2, 2011
10:55:20 AM

Entry #: 3829411
yeah lets all be loud and proud!!!!! i will be cheering them on for sure! gooooo raiders!!

Raider Dad

November 2, 2011
4:46:27 PM

Entry #: 3829705
Yes,I agree Im so glad someone addressed this topic.I ask everyone cheer for our boys Saturday,I have some what noticed some of the same people cheering most of the time.I wonder do some of us feel we are looked down upon are classified as a different group of people if we cheer and show emotion for the boys.Basically these boys have ran hills,they have sweated and pushed themselves to the brink to get where they are saturday.So I agree for this weekend and games to come lets not act brand new and cheer,cheer lets go Raiders!!!!!!!!!777777

Raider Fan

November 3, 2011
10:51:12 AM

Entry #: 3830186
This is not the first time this topic has been on the message board during the playoffs. Unfortunately this subject is brought up just about every year, and it hard to pinpoint why our fans are not always the loudest.

It may be that during the season when the score gets out of hand, no one wants to be seen as rubbing it in and this mind set carries over into the post season. Or like when you ask a player to not over celebrate after a score because you want him to make it look like he has been there before, this may seep into the stands as well.

What ever the cause or causes, I know that those of you who are loud will continue this thru the post season, and who knows maybe it will become contagious and if it does get really loud, just wait till you see the looks on the Raiders faces and how they respond on the field.

I promise it will blow you away

Flag Granny

November 3, 2011
11:24:04 AM

Entry #: 3830203
I'm gonna bring it like it's never been brung before. I will make this guy look like a church mouse!

Dedicated Raider grandparent

November 3, 2011
1:24:44 PM

Entry #: 3830305
I want to say thanks to whoever created this topic.I strongly agree with the topic 100%,It seems that the cheer and noise level is not at our games.Also I have noticed parents trying to get us to fire up the boys,and it seems that there is no response.As a cheering and dedicated Grandparent ,I remember a game earlier this year where it was brought to my attention our boys hadnt given up points on the 3rd and 4th grade team. We had no noise at all cheering the boys on for a goal line stand.So I disagree that it is to show we have been there before,or sportsmanship because if a goal line stand doesnt get you up what will.Also the guy who said it is a PGA golf event,not only did you get a laugh you are so true there no reason to compare a football game to a golfing event.So as a proud Raider grandparent,I asked that game day we come there as one big necco family.Despite who your with,friends,family all of our boys are one team.So for game day who cares what one thinks let out the noise cheers!!(lets go necco raiders! all levels

Raider Mom35

November 7, 2011
3:51:00 PM

Entry #: 3833131
I have been having this discussion with other parents at my son's grade level for this latter half of the season and the response I have gotten is that alot of people don't get loud because our team is so far ahead in the score that cheering feels like rubbing it in that the opposition is losing. My response to that is, you're not cheering because we are beating another team, you're cheering to support your son, grandson, nephew, etc. Let them know you're on that field in their heart, you're feeling every tackle they make, every touchdown they run, every pass they complete. You're feeling pride in your son. The boys need to know that to keep that amped up feeling that they start each game with. These kids rock and it's our responsibility as their BIGGEST FAN to get loud and let them know how BIG our Pride in them is. I will continue to cheer and yell and scream, I invite you to join me. The Lady Raiders always do a crowd participation cheer that very few people participate in. I will be the one on the wall doing it with them, if you see me, get up and cheer, too. Just as we are proud of our boys the parents of these cheerleaders are proud of their daughters and the team and organizaton/family that they cheer for. GO RAIDERS!!!!!

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