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Author TOPIC: Best of Luck Boys
Coach Billy

November 3, 2011
9:19:44 AM

Entry #: 3830118
Bring home the victories boys. Make the Necco Raiders proud.

Raider Grandma

November 4, 2011
9:00:12 AM

Entry #: 3830792
Coach Billy we miss you !!!! Hope to see you at the game !!!

Metha Cox

November 4, 2011
9:59:35 AM

Entry #: 3830828
Where you been! Miss you brother hope to see you this weekend!

Prius Prince

November 4, 2011
5:03:03 PM

Entry #: 3831129
I have missed hearing the loud "C'mon, son!" or "C'mon, kid!" shout-outs at practice lately. Let me know if you need a ride tomorrow morning, Coach Billy. Just got the fly paint job from MAACO on North Oak. No big deal. It is a bunch of flowers and stuff on the panels. I know, sweet, right? I went ahead and got the Turtle Wax Spectacular package as well. "Don't mind if I do!!!"

Flag Granny

November 7, 2011
4:55:04 PM

Entry #: 3833210
I guess this is supposed to be amusing to someone? I don't get it. Why would someone paint their sedan like that? I do know there is going to be a great Flag game this weekend and I can't wait. Go Raiders!

November 7, 2011
5:33:42 PM

Entry #: 3833244
I hope the Prius Prince painted it for his Prius Princess ! GOOOOOOOO RAIDERS !!!!!

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