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Loss of Focus

November 6, 2011
6:59:33 PM

Entry #: 3832220
I think the subject matter needs to be taken up with the league not here on the message board, espeacially this last week before the Super Bowl. Our kids learn by our example! Putting negative remarks out there on our website isn't going to accomplish ANYTHING! Take your concerns and complaints to the board of the NSYFL where they belong. All this does is create more conflict. We should be showing our boys how PROUD we are of them and why we have the best team around. Not complaining about a situation we can not control on a message board our kids read!!

Are you kidding?

November 6, 2011
7:30:30 PM

Entry #: 3832257
So if a subject is controversial and may be uncomfortable for some people to discuss, it just shouldn't be brought up?

Voice of reason

November 6, 2011
7:58:03 PM

Entry #: 3832289
It is ok to voice your concerns but why do it on a board that kids from 7yrs old-14 years old read. A good idea may be to write an email to your coach and he can pass it on.

Stone Cold Truth

November 6, 2011
8:37:56 PM

Entry #: 3832338
If you really believe that the kids don't already know what is going on then you are delusional.

November 7, 2011
12:37:23 AM

Entry #: 3832530
Yeah, you must be right my 8 year old has this whole thing figured out with none of my opinions diluting his thoughts. He is a free thinker with a mature mind of how to handle things that adults are responsible for. The coaches will manage things pretty well if you give them a chance. It all comes back to them anyway.

The Facts

November 7, 2011
1:36:33 AM

Entry #: 3832543
Maybe your son is not aware of what went on this weekend. If you choose not to tell him that is your decision. The point is that kids talk to each other and if you think that by posting nothing about it on the message board that will keep them from finding out, that is not reality. I myself think that it is a good "life lesson". If you cheat you will get caught and there are consequences to be paid. Sweeping it under the rug is what has allowed it to continue for as long as it has.

Metha Cox

November 7, 2011
10:21:17 AM

Entry #: 3832755
Im just glad my sons play for the cleaniest best ran, best coached team in the city! Anthony Simone, Tom Sciotrino and the entire Duesenberry family are a class act and thats why I brought my kids here in the first place. You are the company you keep go Raiders!

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