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Author TOPIC: Our Fans Rock!
Metha Cox

November 7, 2011
10:56:00 AM

Entry #: 3832786
First off congratulations to all 5 Raider teams making the superbowl. It goes to show you when you run a clean program follow ALL the rules ALL the time good karma and good things come your way. The 3rd and 4th grade coaching staff proved Saturday everything I have ever been told. Nobody has the coaching the Raiders do. Its not recruiting its not stealing kids as we get accused of its plain and simple good old fashion coaching. My hat is off to the entire coaching staff from Blake moberly in 1st grade to Coach Dues in 7th and 8th nobody does it any better! Lastly these are the fans I have been waiting to see for 3 years. We were so loud and excited started in flag and went all the way through 7th and 8th grade. the 12th man works I told you all! Ask a 3rd and 4th grade player how pumped up the crowd had them! it worked! Great to see the fan support! Lets keep it rolling through next weekend! As coach Cascone said in his post damn good time to be a Raider!

November 7, 2011
11:41:03 AM

Entry #: 3832843
You are right, this weekend was AWESOME !!! Great job fans we were definitely loud and proud. I saw how much 3/4 tackle enjoyed it and "ran" with it. Let's Go Raiders !!!

Proud 99 mom

November 7, 2011
12:04:39 PM

Entry #: 3832870
Proud of every RAIDER, from fan to coach to player! Saturday was awesome :) I do however sound like a bullfrog today, but that's ok I will be fine for Friday & Saturday!!
Let's Bring Home Some Trophies - M.A.W.

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