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Author TOPIC: Henning Family
Charles miles

May 16, 2012
5:36:35 PM

Entry #: 3916978
To all the Raiders families out there and everyone that cares,please keep the Henning family in your prayers. We lost a great supporter and fan of the Raiders! Always in are thoughts and prayers! We'll never forget you Tim.

May 16, 2012
10:24:31 PM

Entry #: 3917093
Very well said Charles!!! I also ask that the Raider family!! Please keep the Henning family in prayer and thought.Tim you will not beforgotten, yes Tim was a supporter and member of the Raider family,a husband,a father and my friend you will be missed!!!prayers from our family to yours Warrin,Stephanie,Cyris and the Rhino.

Scott Dusenbery

May 17, 2012
6:18:21 AM

Entry #: 3917158
Our family's thoughts and prayers are also with the Henning family.

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