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Author TOPIC: Level Playing Field?
Hope This Isn't True

August 14, 2012
1:34:31 PM

Entry #: 3962278
First of all let me say that I am new to the Raider organization. This is my son's first year here after playing for another team, and he has already learned more in the last 2 weeks about playing football than he did all last year with his previous team. I overheard several unhappy dads talking last night about a player that for the last several years has skipped either tryouts or the first week of practice to play in a baseball tournament, yet has a spot on the team held for him and rejoins the team at his convenience. I was stunned, based on the Raider reputation for dedication and teamwork, that this would be allowed to happen. How is this even remotely fair to the other players that have been working and sweating in the heat the last two weeks? I hope this is either untrue or I misunderstood what was said. One reason we left our previous team to come over here was because of blatant favoritism as far as who made the team and how playing time was alloted. It wasn't always a matter of how good the player was but how well his dad knew the coaches. I was told that was not how the Raiders did things, that making the team and playing time was strictly on ability and merit. I am not trying to cause trouble, and as I stated earlier my son is receiving the best coaching he has ever gotten. It was just very disappointing to hear that this stuff is going on here, too.

Raider Dad

August 14, 2012
2:14:54 PM

Entry #: 3962314
I do not coach the Raiders but I do coach other sports and if a child who has been with more for multiple years has some family things going on or another sport conflicting I work with my player. He might miss some time but he has given so much of his time to me already how could I complain. As the tryouts on the raiders are a very fair level playing field there is going to always be people who are talking in the stands and quite frankly dont know the whole story. This is our families fourth year and I have two sons playing for two different coaches and all I can tell you is if either one of my two boys who have dedicated already 4 years of there life to this organization have a world series or what not over lap I would expect there spot to be held. I dont know where you came from but I have a pretty good idea but all I can say my kids like most of the Raider players are very good at more than just football and are encouraged by such coaches to play other sports thus a kid missing a week because he was down competing at a WORLD SERIES should be no concern of any other parent. This time of year the only baseball being played is ELITE 32 baseball so if any kid is good enough to be playing in the ELITE 32 world series ill sure hold him a spot on my squad. The best part of being a Raider is we dont get all caught up in this type of crap like your previous team. We trust our coaches and the people who run this orginazation and if they hold a spot for a kid i guarantee its for a darn good reason! I have no clue who the kid you speak of or what team your on your post was not very Raider like so I will just help you get educated on being around great atheletes who play more than one sport. Best policy is worry about your own child it tends to make for a happier little league experience.

Long Time Raider

August 14, 2012
2:50:51 PM

Entry #: 3962361
Everybody needs to relax. The guy stated right up front that he was new to the Raiders. If he had a negative experience with a previous team I could see why he was concerned that he'd jumped from the frying pan into the fire and was dealing with the same situation all over again. You belittling him & trying to minimize his concerens doesn't help. He was expressing concern regarding his son, & that is a bond we all share as parents.

Raider Dad

August 14, 2012
3:18:59 PM

Entry #: 3962400
I dont feel as if my post was be littling him I was simply stating that people are concerned enough to post something about a child who does not belong to them I would just worry about the status of my own child. I think the organization does a very fair job with there rosters. We had a child on our team gone the whole first week on vaction who showed up after cuts. Was placed on the team. Non of my concern. Just saying. Kids play other sports, cant control parent vacations and have played with in the organization so before a newbie comes in and starts getting upset my post was simply asking him to think outside of his past concerns realize he is with in a new system and realize things always arent what they appear. I dont need a calm down when wasnt fired up and actually taking the company line on the topic.

Tom S

August 14, 2012
5:12:18 PM

Entry #: 3962482
The player in question was at the whole first week tryouts and earned his spot on the team. We were quite aware the he would miss the second week due to a baseball tournament. With that said, he earned his spot and it was not given to him.

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