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Author TOPIC: Proud to be a Necco Raider!!!!!
Papa Rhino

October 23, 2012
1:35:31 PM

Entry #: 3998772
To start with it's only right that I say thank you to all the coach's ,and the Raider Family.And a extra thank you to our 3/4 grade coach's coach Clayton(Koo-Koo)coach Ragusa,Coach Kevin Big dog Casey,coach Roos,coach Ansell,and coach Kelso!!.I have been asking myself so many questions since my son has been playing football.But Sunday night everything was answered.I was in tears and got laughed at for crying lol thanks Metha.At times I show passion at the football games and toward my son and I always will.As a man who has never known his father football,other sports that my kid participates in always leaves me saying how could my father abandon me.My son and the raider organization have brought me so much Joy,friendships and just something to look forward to and being apart of on Saturday mornings.You know several people say fathers try to live through their children,not me my son brings me Joy for so many reasons that I can't explain them all.I had questions regarding competition in our league,Sunday it was answered.I realized it doesn't matter who or where you play, here are south of the river,what size or what color the team is, it is your coaching and discipline.So look at sunday we played a team from the city,hasn't lost in 3 years they say,bigger kids,athletes on their team,white and black kids and we won !!!!!! From that night on I told myself I will not doubt or question our organization ever again!!.Sunday showed heart and character,I raise my son not to see color only a persons heart and character and being raised in the streets heart is sometimes all you have and in some ways it defines you.So yeah I cried when I saw our small raider team,our little running back nickolas,our quarter back 8 year old Jack,Walk to the line and lead and play call,and our running backs who never ran out of bounds it was heart!!!! And something else that put me in tears was how loud we the Raider family were everybody was stomping and yelling defense!!! It was all energy I have always questioned why we seem quiet at games but Sunday was the best and to see us go into battle and at times I turned around and saw all of you all cheering,I told myself look at our family and they have our back!!!.And to all the other boys Q the razorback,Bo,Bo,Jalen the torpedo,Dorian,Matthew the diesel,landon,Jehr (John Riggins) fowler,Michael the flash quigs,Jett,Corby,big Drew Hyams,Frankie John,Gavin,Julius,Chris Defeo,Brett,Carl,Zach(big catch)Casey,Drew,Jackson,Vince (primetime)Cox,Dylan and my son Tru (the Rhino)clark who at times this year has been hurt and to see his mom cry Sunday and say my baby is making plays and he is hurt!!!! Guess in my older age Im getting soft huh? And a special thanks to the wives who introduced me to the Italian beef it was great they say I haven't lived until I have ate that and it was fire!!!! To close this goes out to all the negative people I have run into at barber shops and at other events I have had words with.No we aren't soft little northland kids,no we don't cheat,yes we have class,no we don't think we are better than anyone else,yes we have heart,yes we have discipline,coaching,sportsmanship,yes our boys say thank you and yes sir So to all the negativity we receive and people turning families and kids away from our organization we have a bullseye on our backs,we Represent Necco Raiders,raider hill,#73 to the fullest.So even if you are one of the negative ,jealous gossip spreaders reading this post Sunday was an opportunity to see what the game of football is all about.So to my raider family and faces I have got accustomed to seeing on Saturdays and practices please always keep Papa Rhino an Tru the Rhino in your mind as family,and even when football is done even if it's just at wal-mart or out to eat we will shake your hand or give you a hug because Sunday night let me know what we represent and what we are apart of!!!! Thank you to my family at San Raphael park!! As Tru says from his song you can catch me at the black hole going bananas lets finish is it and bring it home (Might as Well)

Metha Cox

October 23, 2012
1:41:53 PM

Entry #: 3998776
Papa Rhino your my boy and I was crying right along with you!lmao You just made me cry again reading your post! This mans passion for this team and organization is second to none. None of us live through our kids we love them so much we just feel like we are standing right beside them out there! It is my honor papa rhino to be your friend and the fact our sons are friends and play ball together makes my son that much better! Its going to be a fun ride and we just got started!


October 23, 2012
9:07:01 PM

Entry #: 3999080
Papa Rhino,

When I think of you and your son who have always greeted me, and left me with a hug I think of “LOVE”. Your love for your son, all of the Raider players, the game of football, and the Necco Raiders organization is tremendous. Your post brought tears to my eyes. I didn’t know about your past and your father. For a guy who didn’t have a father you have done a tremendous job with Tru. He is an amazing young man and you have a lot to be proud of. I believe the Raider organization and football provides a platform for kids to grow. I also believe it helps all of us adults grow too. I know I have learned many life lessons from coaching in this organization and watching my son grow as a player. I deeply believe in the meaning of #73, I also hold near and dear a statement I learned in college which is that character is built from working with others who have different temperaments, talents and convictions. We are a family here at the Raiders, and when football is done, and you see me out I hope I always get that big bear hug that reminds me of everything that is right about football and the Necco Raiders.

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