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Author TOPIC: great coaching
Donnie Ray

December 2, 2012
8:06:24 PM

Entry #: 4019201
People often ask me how does Necco always keep winning? We must get all the best athletes, huh? Let me guarantee you this: WE HAVE THE MOST ORGANIZED, DEDICATED, KNOWLEDGABLE COACHES IN THE CITY! I had the priveledge of watching some damn good youth football players over the weekend with the FBU Kansas City squad. Very impressive weekend. But as good as the talent on that team was, we got knocked off 8-0 by a arguably lesser team from Wichita. I'm not wanting to knock them but clearly they didn't have our horses. That said, they capitalized on our mistakes. And the biggest mistake was our lack of preparation! The coaches assumed that talent alone can win a game. Not so! What this experience has taught me, and my boys, is that we truly are fortunate to play for such a well coached, well run football organization. Our teams at Necco have lost football games before, and we'll lose in the future as well. But I know that we'll always be prepared to play the game the way it's supposed to be played. Thank you coaches for your hard work and dedication to our program. Your expertise and dedication to teaching has placed the Raider nation at the top of the food chain in youth football here in Kansas City. And it showed this weekend.

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