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Author TOPIC: Info on tryouts?

July 9, 2013
4:23:35 PM

Entry #: 4072179
Hello everyone. 18 days until tryouts and my son is excited! I coached him in the Pop Warner league last year and we are wanting to step it up a notch this year and try out for the Raiders. We were wondering if anyone had info on the tryouts. It seems that the entire league has it on the same weekend. Just trying to figure out "IF" my son does not make it will there be an opportunity to sign up with another organization? Thanks.

Long-Time Raider Dad

July 10, 2013
3:47:46 PM

Entry #: 4072455
The Raiders typically make cuts as the tryout week progresses rather than wait until the last day. It all depends on the age group and the number of kids trying out. If your son wouldn't happen to make the Raiders, our coaches can provide you the names of teams that are still needing kids. Hope this helps.

Coach Simone

July 15, 2013
12:03:19 PM

Entry #: 4073640
ALL Raiders Teams typically make cuts by Thursday of the first week to ensure that every kid has the opportunity to try out for any team in the league. Please call if you have any further questions.

Anthony Simone


July 20, 2013
1:57:18 PM

Entry #: 4075142
Thanks guys for your help. We'll be looking forward to coming out this next weekend. Now off to do some hill sprints!!!!


July 26, 2013
7:14:53 PM

Entry #: 4077047
Hey guys! Quick question. Will the try outs start this Saturday and Sunday or is that for sign ups. Just trying to figure out if my son needs to be present Sat and Sun. Thanks.

Just Me

July 26, 2013
8:12:35 PM

Entry #: 4077055
Sign-ups are this weekend. Tryouts start Monday evening @ 6.

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