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Author TOPIC: Raider Family!!!!1
Papa Rhino

September 15, 2013
10:27:16 PM

Entry #: 4090851
I want to start off saying thank you to our Raider family!! As I stated in a message last year I have never really considered myself an emotional person, but Saturday I choked up and Tru's mother also cried. To hear everyone screaming Truey. Truey, Truey it was awesome!!! For many who know us and speak with us we are truly a passionate family when it comes to football. I often hear many people say you know when a kid has it ,he has it. I push my son to be great he is only 10 years old but football never stops with him. I tell him football is your craft and you must dedicate all you have to it. I tell him show me a good loser and I will show you a loser!!! That you play to win, and to dominate and to destroy and break the will of the opposing team. My son stated to me years ago he wants to go to the NfL , I replied you can do it if you put your mind to it get good grades, stay humble and play for God yourself and your team. To hear everyone cheer for him at Saturdays game was awesome. Me and his mom stated to see all the support and people caring for him and the ones who really know Tru and what football means to him thank you all. Tru really believes in what 73 stands for!! he has fully vested himself a Raider. At several camps this year he was constantly being recruited I never said one word his answer was always Im a raider for life!!! Being out for the last month I explained there was a blessing in this lesson. God allowed you to have a minor set back because the the love you have for the game of football this would show you the burn and desire you have for the game. And not that you cheat the game but after not being able to play when you return you play remembering how you felt on the sidelines watching. I have told many parents I wasn't upset he couldn't play he has given me so much Joy over the last several year Im so proud of him, and he has what no father or coach can teach and that's heart an fortitude. Its so sad to hear all the negative things said about the raider organization as I said last year we don't cheat, we don't think we are better than anyone else we have good coaches and great work ethic!!! for all the Raider Haters talk about how our coaches support children they coached years ago the parkhill and blue springs game was full of raider teammates and coaches and families etc.. So this message is a thank you to all who were apart of seeing Tru take the field and chanting his name. Remember we have to continue to show support for each other and our organization we all are responsible for the growth and tradition of the NECCO RAIDERS and to pass on the experiences and coaching, and joy to other peoples children so they may experience a coach clayton and to have a 5th and 6th grade coach who dresses up like a pirate at the super bowl games, or to have a 8th grade coach like Scott who truly loves his players!! anyway again thank you to all and have a rest of the season safe and injury free and lets sweep the super bowls might as well!!!!

Eddy C.

September 16, 2013
10:51:34 AM

Entry #: 4090955
My son is a first year Raider and plays on the 3/4 grade team. We have come to embrace and love the atmosphere that the Raider family expresses during football season. It is great to hear my son say that he can't wait to play alongside Tru on the line next season. He has enjoyed watching Tru's highlight videos on YouTube and wants to emulate the way Tru plays on the field. It is truly amazing to see how one kid can affect another within the Raider family!

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