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Author TOPIC: Great game vs. 8th grade Chargers

September 1, 2014
11:56:40 AM

Entry #: 4143393
The 7th/8th grade game vs. the Chargers was a great game. What was really great was the sportsmanship displayed between both teams. As big a rivalry as the game was, you saw over and over players from each team help up players from the other team. At the Simone tournament the awards speech always includes the statement "respect your opponent because someday in high school they may be your teammate". I thought both teams were very respectful in a very big game. It was nice to see that type of class on display. Good football played with classy players, and coaches. Way to go Raiders and Chargers!

September 18, 2014
3:13:06 PM

Entry #: 4145985
Great message for players and parents alike.

September 19, 2014
9:04:00 AM

Entry #: 4146058
The 8th grade Chargers are a bunch of very talented hard nosed competitors! They play their butts off and will hit you in the mouth and then help you up. It is always exciting to watch these two very classy teams go to battle.

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