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Author TOPIC: Raiders Sweep

October 20, 2014
5:17:39 PM

Entry #: 4149693
Would love to see the Raiders win all four divisions of the playoffs this year. I think we have a good chance. Has an organization ever won the Super Bowl at all levels?

Raider Man

October 21, 2014
10:58:57 AM

Entry #: 4149797
The Raiders are the only team that has ever swept all 3 tackle divisions (we have done it multiple times). That is why we call it the "Raider Sweep". Nobody has ever swept all 4 divisions. That would be quite a feat cosidering it is tough enough to win 1 championship.

October 21, 2014
1:22:35 PM

Entry #: 4149834
Actually only in 2001 and 2005 did the Raiders sweep the tackle division. There has never been an organization that has won all 4 division Championships in the same year. The Raiders have come close many times but it has never been done. See the NSYFL SUPER BOWL HISTORY ON THE MENU TAB OF OUR WEBSITE.

Something we should be proud of is that on most years the Raiders have had a team in every age division championship game. There have not been many championship games without a Raider team involved.

Im a believer!

October 22, 2014
9:55:30 AM

Entry #: 4149965
I feel 7/8th and 5/6th have great chances to win. 3/4th will have to work hard and dig deep and find themselves. We have all the talent in the world and our coach will have us ready but our kids need to find that #73 Raider pride and do what they have been coached to do. Like the previous person said the most important fact is that we are producing a product year in and year out that has all of the tackle teams in the superbowl. If we sweep or not it make no difference to me. Just the fact to have them all there in every game is the true statement of just how great our program is. Our coaches push the boys to go up and beyond what they feel they are capable of and it shows every single season. Im proud to say my boys have got better each of their 6 seasons here. With the things I hear going on in this league right now with other coaches conduct and what not Im just glad and proud to say my kids are Raiders regardless if we sweep or not. We coach and play with class and in this day and age thats hard to find! That is all!

October 27, 2014
6:30:11 AM

Entry #: 4150519
Raiders have swept the tackle division 3 times. Don't forget about 2009.

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