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Author TOPIC: Sad to send off another great group of 8th graders

November 6, 2014
9:43:54 AM

Entry #: 4151754
Looking forward to a fun filled day on Saturday. This time of year always saddens me. We must bid farewell to a group of 8th graders who I feel helped mentor a ton of the kids active in this program today. Nate Gray, Mike Lagas, Parker Heyne, Chopper and the rest have been great to my boys as they have grown up through the program. As we will still follow them in high school it sucks to see them go. True Raiders true role models. glad my boys have got to spend this time learning from you guys. Me and my boys look forward to spending this last Saturday with such an outstanding group of young men. Go finish your mission might as well and Go Raiders! BTW for those of you who havent heard the Cox family will be welcoming our first cheerleader to the family in April! 3/4th I believe you will win this and and 5/6th handle your business. Saturday should be a blast cant wait!

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