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Author TOPIC: Ex- Raiders

August 11, 2015
3:29:04 PM

Entry #: 4178086
Please report on here any ex-raiders taking what they learned here at beautiful San Rafael and continuing their careers in the greatest sport on earth.

Morgan Steward - Mizzou Tiger
Tanner Owen - Mizzou Tiger
Jacob Babb - Lindenwood Lion
Parker Mertz - MO West Griffon (Baseball)
Charlie Sciara - MO West Griffon (Football)

I know there are a ton more so reply with info.

Former Raider Parent

August 14, 2015
5:26:32 PM

Entry #: 4178485
Does that go for the high school level as well? I won't be surprised if several of our 2013 8th graders aren't playing varsity as sophomores this year.

August 15, 2015
12:25:25 PM

Entry #: 4178561
Heck yeah! Post who you know is playing at what school.

Metha Cox

August 24, 2015
10:32:48 AM

Entry #: 4179610
DALVIN WARMACK K-State kind of a big one we missed here!lol

Kyle Tomc

September 2, 2015
2:27:27 PM

Entry #: 4180565
Kyle Tomc- Benedictine College - Football, Lacrosse

Metha Cox

September 8, 2015
3:50:25 PM

Entry #: 4181059
Morgan Steward had a few carries Saturday for Mizzou!

Ex raider dad

September 20, 2015
6:03:33 PM

Entry #: 4182304
Just a few from my sons Radier years

Jackson Gilley Central Missouri
Alex Lackey. Central Missouri
Jase Willhite. Truman State
Brain Sharp. Missouri Baseball
Kaluna Biuchard. William Jewell

ex raider dad

September 21, 2015
2:13:44 PM

Entry #: 4182418
Forgot the kids from Kearney

Tanner Owen Missouri

Sure there are more just not coming to mind

October 8, 2015
8:33:11 AM

Entry #: 4183976
This week Former Necco Raider Canten Marriot committed to the Nationally ranked Mizzou Tigers to further his wrestling career!

Canten is a Great kid from an Outstanding family!!

October 8, 2015
8:36:45 AM

Entry #: 4183977
Also last week I watched Former Raider Scott Carroll pitch two innings against the Kansas City Royals.

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